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Practical XML Parsing

I presented “Practical XML Parsing” at the September 10, 2009 meeting of Seattle Xcoders. While there is still a touch of the initially intended distaste for parsing XML with DOM, it evolved into more of an overview and brief introduction of NSXMLDocument and NSXMLParser.

After cleaning out large copyrighted material (part of a Justin Timberlake song on the title screen and a Star Wars snippet on the XQuery screen) and removing many of the Keynote build animations I like to use but which translate poorly to static images, I have made the presentation available. I didn’t record the audio, so the text may seem more terse than it really was.

  • HTML export with most of the animations still intact

  • Zipped archive containing:

    • Keynote 09 file

    • PDF export

    • XMLDemo source serving as the examples I showed