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[C4 Dealloc]

There’s no way I’m going to fit into a tweet my feelings of Wolf Rentzsch’s announcement of the end of the C4 conference.

Last year was the first I’d managed to go to C4. I was glad I was attuned enough to the community to get into the short registration window; I was overloaded and overwhelmed by the conference itself and the people I met; I was desperately hoping to go again this year.

I guess I’m one of the silent apologists in regards to Section 3.3.1. I understand Apple not wanting to support backward compatibility going forward for a third-party dev environment, but I think it’s foolish of them to have called out something virtually unenforceable, and any claim of “crap apps” inherently generated from a Flash source only makes the current existence of crap apps on the App Store that much more ugly.

The speakers he brought in, the way he reacted to disrespect of a speaker, the statements he’s made in public and in person—Wolf’s decision seems perfectly self-consistent. He obviously feels Apple’s decision here affects him and the community more than I do. Even though our opinions differ, I respect his opinions and admire the strengths of his convictions.

Those same opinions and convictions gave C4 a unique character. In a time when there is a surfeit of excellent conferences to choose from, C4’s absence will leave a void.

I encourage all those who feel as strongly about Section 3.3.1 as Wolf does to start (or continue) to speak out about it. I may not be with you, but I’m not against you.

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