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For the Record

I am honored to be on the latest installment of “The Record” podcast with Brent Simmons and Chris Parrish. Since they interviewed me last summer, I’ve been eagerly waiting to hear what they talked about with other interviewees. The first four episodes with Luke Adamson, John Nack, Greg Robbins, and Gus Mueller have been great. It’s rather intimidating to think that I might be counted among them.

I don’t remember most of what we discussed; I didn’t even remember much of it immediately afterward, it flowed so smoothly. One thing I do remember is that I said Metrowerks was integral to the Intel transition—instead, they were part of the earlier PowerPC transition. I’m not a historian of any kind and I don’t pretend to be. I misspoke and know it, so I don’t need to be set straight. Thanks.

Now I guess I should listen to the episode to be reminded of what I said, even if it involves the agony of listening to my own recorded voice.

Update: Huh, I did correctly say “PowerPC”. See, I’m not even a good historian of things that happened less than a year ago.